Operations Management Project Topics

1. Logistic And Supply Chain Management of Rastriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (RCF)

2. Logistics Project on DHL

3. Key Operational Challenges in the BPO-ITES Industry

4. Opertaions project on albert david company

5. Project Report on Indian Call Center

6. Report on export process and documentation.

7. STRATEGY ANALYSIS of ARPAC Storage Systems Corporation (ARPAC).

8. Study on quality function deployment

9. Supply Chain Management – a project on Mc Donald

10. TCS Mapping Six-Sigma in clients’ process

11. Replenishing routing under vendor managed inventory systems

12. Material handling at Volvo Construction Equipment Braas

13. Inventory effect on supply chain

14. A Structured Methodology For Identifying Performance Metrics And Monitoring Maintenance Effectiveness

15. Project: Demand Forecasting at Alfa Laval

16. On Logistics in the Strategy of the Firm

17. Evaluation the Supply Chain of Plymovent AB

18. Packaging effects on logistics activities: A study at ROL International

19. Logistics Collaboration in Supply Chains: A Survey of Swedish Manufacturing Companies

20. Project Management and PRINCE2 Methodology

21. Merge in Transit, a distribution method in the industrial environment

22. Management information systems in process-oriented healthcare organisations

23. BUSINESS PLAN: Import, Export and Car Trading Company

24. Managing Media Supply Chains in European Publishing Companies: Strategic issues, values and partnerships

25. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

26. Nokia cell phones project report

27. Strategic Partnership within Supply Chain

28. An Analysis of Success and Failure Factors for ERP Systems in Engineering and Construction Firms

29. Simulation and Optimization of Production Control for Lean Manufacturing Transition


31. Solving continuous replenishment inventory routing problems

32. Utilization of Enterprise Resource Planning Tools by Small to Medium Size Construction Organizations: A Decision-making Model

33. Test Laboratory Amalgamation Layout

34. Internal communication of the purchasing process

35. A Study of Four Network Problems in Transportation, Telecommunications, and Supply Chain Management



38. Effect of Transaction Cost and Coordination Mechanisms on the Length of the Supply Chain

39. Coordinating Demand Fulfillment With Supply Across A Dynamic Supply Chain

40. Supply Chain Strategy and the Benefits of Information Exchange


42. Joint Replenishment and Supply Chain Actions in the Retail Grocery Industry

43. The Influence of National Culture on Buyer-Supplier trust and Commitment



46. Determinants of customer partnering behavior in logistics outsourcing relationships: a relationship marketing perspective

47. Direct delivery: a case study on the loading efficiency at the foreign SCA terminals

48. Logistics services in the German metal processing industry: a market assessment for SKF Logistics Services

49. Changing from a reactive to a proactive maintenance culture: implementation of OEE

50. Cost-reduction of complaints regarding distribution: a case study at Iggesund Paperboard

51. Forecast design at GE Healthcare Europe: design of the process for the unit production forecast

52. Solving linear optimization problems using a simplex like boundary point method in dual space

53. Developing a strategic procurement process: a case study at Boliden AB

54. A flow cost model: a case study at Volvo Trucks Corporation

55. Improvement study of engine finish facility at Perkins Engines

56. E-business Logistics: case studies of collaborative supply chain management within companies in Hong Kong

57. Performance measurement at DHL Solutions: towards an improved perfromance measurement system consisting of relevant and well-designed measures

58. Evaluation of RCM implementation process in Vattenfall Service and Vattenfall, Hydropower organizations: a study and analysis of its current status

59. Ordering System at Sandvik Information Technology: Survey and Proposal of Improvement

60. Investigation of the R&D management process for incorporating short- and long-term interests in the selection of advanced engineering tasks: a case study at Volvo Cars Corporation

61. How to improve the delivery accuracy in the cargo handling

62. E-procurement in atuomotive supply chain of Iran

63. Utilizing e-logistics: case studies in Sweden and China

64. Data warehouse maintenance: improving data warehouse perfomance through efficient maintenance

65. The factors for designers of computerised information systems for small organisations

66. Maintenance and reliability with focus on aircraft maintenance and spares provisioning

67. RCM-based maintenance plans for different operational conditions

68. Customer knowledge management (CKM) in the e-business environment: cases from Swedish banks

69. The role of network marketing in international logistic companies’ business development; an analysis of manager’s perceptions

70. Impact of information technology on productivity

Financial Management Project Topics

Equity Valuation of Public Sector Enterprises of Nifty 50
Evaluation of Capital
Analysis of Demat Account and Online Trading
Analysis of Financial Statement by Using the Technique of Ratio Analysis
Analysis of Financial Statements of XYZ Company
Analysis of Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management in Mutual Fund
Analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes of Reliance Money
Export Marketing Entry Strategy
Affect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision
Alternate Revenue Sources for the Bank
Analysis of Cement Sector as an Investment Avenue
A Study of Claims and Freight Payable
Audit Of Bank
Back Office Function in a Stock Exchange
Banking System in India
Brand Evaluation for Financial Investment and Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Brand Image
Capital Market Reforms
Cash Flow
Cash Management
Commodity Futures
Comparative Analysis of NPA of Public Sector Banks,Private Sector Banks,Foreign Banks
Comparative Evaluation Strategies in Mergers and Acquisitions
Comparative Study on ULIPS in the Indian Insurance Market
Comparison between Investment in Equity and Mutual Fund
Comparison of Assets under Management for Different Years
Comparison of Initial Public Offer in Infrastructure Sector
Competitive Analysis of Depositary Service Provider
Corporate Control and Value Destruction
Corporate Governance
Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value
Credit Analysis of Personal Loan
Credit Appraisal Process at AXIS Bank
Credit Appraisal Process in SME Sector of State Bank of India
Currency Derivative Business Perspective
Currency Derivatives
Customer Profitability
Demat Account
Descriptive Qualitative Approach towards the Financing Needs of Indian Telecom Sector
DICGC and Deposit Insurance
Direct Selling
Emergence of Initial Public Offers as an Investment Avenue
Equity Analysis of Banks
External Debt Management
Financial Instruments
Financial Planning and Forecasting
Foreign Direct Investment
Future Prospects Of Broking Firm
Global Economic Crises
How to Plan Invest In Insurance Sector And Tax Planning
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors On Money Supply
Impact on Shareholders Wealth in M&A Episode
In-Depth Study of Housing Finance Sector
International Financial Reporting Standards
Inventory Management and Budgetary Control System
Investment Opportunity in Stock Market with Special Focus on Oil Sector
Islamic Financing
Kaleidoscopic View of Banking in India
Key Performance Indicators of Supply Chain Retail
Load Testing of Loan Search
Location Choice and Host Country IPR Protection
Merchant Banking in India
Promotional Mix of Insurance Products
Responsibility Accounting
The Effect of Bond Rating Changes on Stock Prices
The Effect of Changes in Credit Ratings on Equity Returns
Unit Linked Insurance Plans ULIPS
Working Capital Management

Economics Project Topics

Importance of Human Capital in Export Performance
RBI and Financial Services
Growth in Indian Banking Sector
Lessons from Economic Financial Crises in Recent Times
Free Trade and Development
Bioenergy, Pollution, and Economic Growth
Global Economic Crises
Consumer Behaviour for Green Products
Contribution of Educated But Unemployed Women to Economy
Marriage Markets, Differential Fecundity and Search
MNREGA: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
India’s Fiscal Deficit and Its Impact on Gross Domestic Product
Capacity Utilization
Heterogeneity and Input Reallocation
Monetary Policy in a Bipolar International Monetary System
Growth and Determination of Foreign Investment in India
Contribution of IT Sector in Indian Economy
U.S. Monopolies : A Glimpse Inside
Supply Chain Finance
World Trade Organization – A Critique
Essays on the Role of Specific Human Capital
Performance of Automobile Sector Post Liberalization Regime
Divergences in the Euro Area
Progressive Study of an Educational Institute
Production Structure Of Indian Power Sector
Economies Of Scale
Monitoring and Market Power in Loan Markets
Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Industry
Bank Regulation in Argentina
The State of the Indian Economy
The Delhi Metro Project
Fiscal Policy
Demand Forecast for XYZ Company
Responses to Incentives in Public Expenditure Programs
Political Influences on Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility and Nongovernmental Organizations
The Modern Firm’s International Expansion
Monitoring and Modelling Inflation in China
Employer-Employee Relationships and Firm Performance
Trade Patterns in Europe
An Interest Group Theory of Financial Development
Time Inconsistency in the Credit Card Market
Multiple Exchange Rate Systems
Public and Development Economics
Internationalisation of Companies
The Macroeconomics of Rare Events
Growth of Car Industry in India
Comparative Institutional Economics
Macroeconomic Policy and Analysis
Financial Contagion in Emerging Markets
Informational Frictions and Learning in Emerging Markets
Decentralization and Education
Job Flows Dynamics
Budgetary Institutions: Theory and Evidence
Economics of Education
Internationalization of the Ethnic Food Industry
China as a Regulatory State

Marketing Management Project Topics

Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Udyog Ltd
Service Blueprint
Prepare Wholesale Business Model Optimization
Telecom Services Of Reliance Communication
Lifetime Plans of the Cellular Companies
Gap Analysis of Services offered in Retail Banking
Current Trends in Internet Marketing
Export Marketing Entry Strategy Marketing Thesis
The Spread of Organized Retailing in India
Market Analysis and Sales Development of Amul Milk
Effect of Advertisements on Children with Special Reference to Confectionary Products
Sales and Marketing Structure in Brokerage At Reliance Money
Bisleri Marketing Project
Study on Consumer Buying Behavior and Satisfaction Level
Need for Customer Relationship Management
Load Testing of Loan Search
Global Marketing
Rural Marketing Project
Advertising Effectiveness
Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in Convenience Stores
Recruitment and Channel Development
Nonconventional Distribution Channel
Marketing Survey and Channel Development
Impact of Packaging on Retailers and Consumers
Customer Relationship Management
Affect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision
Business Process Outsourcing
Test Marketing and Customer Interaction
Consumer Satisfaction
Market Survey on Brand Equity
Customer Profitability Marketing Thesis
Sales and Distribution Effectiveness
Customer Retention in Retail Sector
Consumers Perception of Private Brands
Effect of Mobile Marketing on Youngsters
Effect of Derivatives Based Strategies
Green Marketing
Capital Market
Market Analysis Of LG Consumer Durables
The Role Of Integrates Marketing Communications in Life Insurance
Brand Awareness
Jewellery Buying Preference
Promotional Mix of Insurance Products
Potential Achievement by Big Boss Retailer
Consumer Taste and Preferences For Set Top Box Installation
Study of Sales Promotion and Analysis Of Insurance Business
Direct Selling
Retail Banking Front Office Management Activity
Impact of Promotional Activities for Selling HCL Products
Retailers Project
A Study On The Awareness Level And Attitude Level Of The Clients
Sales Promotion and Customer Awareness of the Services
Study of International Marketing
Customer Evaluation of Tata Indicom Services
Total Polymer Consumption of Home Appliances
Lux Marketing Project
Comparative Study of Broadband in Telecom Sector with Airtel
Event Marketing
Buying Behavior of Customers
Study to measure Market Potential and Customers Buying Motives

Organizational Behavior Management Project Topics

1. Change Management Project at Big Bazaar Delhi

2. GE organisational systems n structures.


4. Study of organization behavior for organization survival

5. Shared Team Leadership Project Report

6. Culture: A strategy for managing change

7. Researchers’ Motivational Preferences – From a Need Theory Perspective

8. Motivation and Work -Investigation and Analysis of Motivation Factors at Work

9. How to Introduce and Manage Organizational Changes

10. Rewarding and Recognizing Employees: How IT professionals in Sweden and in Finland are motivated and prefer to be rewarded

11. Entrepreneurs’ Emotional Responses to a Bankruptcy

12. Interpersonal Conflict Situations


14. Emerging Role of Teams in Multicultural Organizations

15. Employees Resistance Towards Organizational Change

16. Mindful Use as a Link Between Social Capital and Organizational Learning: An Empirical Test of the Antecedents and Consequences of Two New Constructs

17. TMT Diversity, CEO Procedural Fairness, and TMT Conflict

18. Managerial Search and the Pursuit of Opportunity

19. Locked Up: Exploring the Complex Nature of Conflicting Values Systems and Their Effects on Work Attitudes

20. Building a Case for Inclusion of Organizational Identity in Turnaround Research

21. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd – Case Study

22. Attitude is the key to self-employment: analysis of student’s attitudes towards self-employment using the Theory of Planned Behavior

Strategic Management Project Topics

The Board of Directors as a Strategic Resource in Small ICT Corporations

2. Investments and Corporate Strategy: Aligning investment decisions with overall strategy

3. Public Relations Excellence

4. How Corporate Governance Affects Strategy of Corporations: Lessons from Enron Corporation

5. Strategy implementation in the construction industry

6. Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services

7. Strategic Alliances: Implications for Low Cost Airlines

8. Reverse Takeover: A Back Door to the market

9. Profitable business model for an open source, freeware

10. Foreign Market Analysis: Should Oriflame Enter France?

11. Chief Information Officer: A business strategy resource?

12. Acquisition strategy: A case study within family businesses

13. IT Strategies in organizations

14. How does Knowledge Management improve the Service Industry?

15. Reward Systems and Strategy

16. Business Strategy and Management Control Measures for Success!

17. Strategic approach adopted by Airtel

18. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

19. Key Success Factors for Ericsson Mobile Platforms using Porter’s Value Chain model

20. Organizational Networks as Catalysts for Strategic Sustainable Development

21. Strategic factors influencing the transition of businesses

22. Knowledge Management : A Case Study of KM activities at Indian School of Business

23. Strategic IT Partnerships in Transformational Outsourcing as a Distinctive Source of IT Value: A Social Capital Perspective

24. The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model

25. Firm Decision Making Under Financial Distress: A Study of U.S. Air Fares and an Analysis of Inventories in U.S. Manufacturing Industries

26. Diversification within the electricity industry: the whys, the hows and the outcomes: a case study on six European electricity distribution companies

27. Exit or Renaissance: Strategic Challenge to Public Sector Enterprises

28. Determinants Of The Ex-Post Performance Of Mergers And Acquisitions: A Case Study

29. Assessing technological opportunities and threats: an introduction to technology forecasting

30. Electronic B2B inter-marketplace alliances, mergers and acquisitions: motives, obstacles and trends

31. Imperatives, Challenges and Task Requirements of Becoming a Global Player: The Case of India

32. How can R&D strategy be shaped, integrated and monitored to support corporate strategy?: a theoretical framework

33. Service Recovery: how companies handle customer complaints

34. Merger – how companies prepare for it: case studies of Cloetta Fazer and CashGuard Group

35. The importance of managing the corporate identity

36. Internationalization of Nordic banks: two case studies

37. Role of the Internet in SME growth strategies: case studies of Swedish companies

38. The influence of internal and external factors on entry modes

Systems/IT Management Project Topics

1. A Study of the Use of the Internet in India and the USA

2. A report on E- buisness

3. Factors affecting the adoption of e-buisness and an automotive industry study

4. Impact of MNCs on indian economy

5. indian it hardware industry

6. IT Service Management Best Practises for the Support Desk and Network Operations Center

7. ssm in relation to IT industry

8. Technical Fundamental Analysis

9. Applying Six Sigma in Software Companies for Process Improvement

10. ERP Change Management

11. Knowledge management systems (KMS) continuance in organizations

12. Convergence activities using group support systems

13. Biosteel

14. Transaction processing in data intensive applications

15. Reverse engineering XML documents

16. Ground facility prototype development to support high-integrity aircraft approach and landing using GPS

17. Project Report: Employee Management System

18. Can web-based statistic services be trusted?

19. Automated Test Activity for Software

20. Techno Therapy: a relation with technology

21. Implementation of Health Information Systems

22. Business Process Performance Measurement for Rollout Success

23. An Evaluation Platform for Semantic Web Technology

24. Adaptive Semi-structured Information Extraction

25. A SmartWardrobe – Augmenting laundry planning

26. Using P2P approach for resource discovery in Grid Computing

27. Dynamic identities for flexible access control

28. Streamline Communications in Radiology

29. A visual query language served by a multi-sensor environment

30. Agile Process Recommendations for a Market-driven Company

31. Creating a test system for a new era of radios

32. Advanced Traffic Service

33. An Evaluation Platform for Semantic Web Technology

34. A GUI Standard’s Impact on Usability

35. Analysis of a multiple dispatch algorithm

36. Towards Aspectual Component-Based Real-Time System Development

37. Evaluation of two word alignment systems

38. Flexible Certificate Management for Secure HTTPS Client/Server Communication

39. Heapy: A Memory Profiler and Debugger for Python

40. Aligning Biomedical Ontologies

41. An Internet content overview and implementation on an IP based set-top box

42. Using GIS in Solid Waste Management Planning: A case study for Aurangabad, India

43. MDP for Symbian

44. Finding the right knowledge, a case study in knowledge mapping

45. A study on groupware choice in companies

46. Vision Enhancement Systems: The Importance of Field of View

47. Video telephony in an IP-based set-top box environment

48. Determining the feasibility of automatically translating SMILE to a Java framework

49. Towards guidelines for development of energy conscious software

50. Management information systems in process-oriented healthcare organisations

51. Understanding and Evaluation of Software Process Deviations

52. Distributed Computing in Peer-to-peer Networks

53. Metrics in Software Test Planning and Test Design Processes

54. Distributed exploration of virtual environments

55. Visualizing Open Computational Systems

56. Design and implementation of the MMS portal

57. Traceability – A key to software success

58. Control System for a Remote Electronics Laboratory

59. The Usability in IT-system

60. Internet Banking in Greece: Development, Evaluation and Perspectives

61. Global Software Development

62. Framework for Requirements Traceability

63. Intelligent Tourist Information System

64. Crisis Management in IT-Projects

65. Success Evaluation and Measures in Software Process Improvement

66. Applying Six Sigma in Software Companies for Process Improvement

67. Active Documents and their Applicability in Distributed Environments

68. A comparison of UML and WAE-UML for the design of Web applications

69. Support for Information Management in Virtual Organizations

70. Design of Security System

71. User Driven Software Development in a Small Company

72. Evaluation of Video-on-Demand Streaming Servers

73. Software Testing Process in Agile Development

74. Exploring Phishing Attacks and Countermeasures

75. Security Threats in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

76. Machine learning in simulated RoboCup

77. Forensic Carving from Unallocated Space

78. Quality of the Open Source Software

79. A guideline for evaluating OODBMSs

80. Designing an object-oriented decompiler

81. Model Driven Architecture

82. DRM – Digital Rights Management

83. Modelling web applications WebML versus UML

84. The Virtual Learning Environment – Patterns for Structuring Web based Teaching

85. Customisable game interfaces impact on game experience

86. MP3 Decoder in Theory and Practice

87. Software Process Improvement Framework

88. Softtware Process Improvements in a Small Organisation: an Ethnography

89. Web Enabling a Bibliographic Database of Indian Biomedical Journals: IndMED

90. Designing a Subject Gateway for Content Management

91. Design and Development of Digital Biotechnology Portal

92. Open Source Software: A Trend Report

93. Clustering techniques with special emphasis to Document clustering: a state-of-the-art report

94. Knowledge Management : A Case Study of KM activities at Indian School of Business

95. Design and Evaluation of Decision Making Algorithms for Information Security

96. License protection for high-end software

97. Electronic Mediation, Transformation, and Business Value: Three Essays in the Retail Auto Industry

98. Absorptive Capacity And Open Source Software Project Performance

99. Evaluation of algorithms for finding bridges between two disjoint convex polygons

100. SyncSim extensions: simulation with VHDL and code generation

101. Bluetooth BCSP implementation in Timber

102. Aaro Mobile: a J2ME client for enterprise reports

103. A location based service platform: for the next generation of mobile devices, including intelligent position updates

104. a case study of the building and cooperative evaluation process of an online educational software

105. Feasibility study on a text-to-speech synthesizer for embedded systems

106. Log query server: a design proposal

107. Visualizing privacy: design and development of a privacy management component

108. Implementation of a COLLADA scene-graph

109. Automated testing of the vehicle information system in combat vehicle 90

110. Code generated data structures and algorithms for classification of Internet traffic

111. Scripting with Java: an evaluation of scripting with pre built Java applications

112. AgentPhysics: software design for pluggable real time physics middleware

113. Update Manager

114. Network gaming backend services

115. Enabling OpenWindow for use with enterprise firewalls

116. A tool for visualizing properties of paths for autonomous vehicles

117. Operation monitoring using JVAnalys

118. Garbage collection with hard real-time requirements

119. Evaulation and implemenation of header compression algorithm ECRTP

120. LSP topology awareness for MPLS networks

121. Comparison of thumbnail browsers

122. Accelerating real-time graphics with high level shading languages

123. Scalable video using wavelets

124. Evaluation of scheduling algorithms for a web browsing service in WCDMA high speed downlink shared channel

125. Fossa: graphical control application for analysis, manipulation, and synthesis of digitised sound

126. Web Based EPG

127. Magnetic field behaviour around non-magnetic and magnetic materials

128. DMA processor

129. Key actions in application management with Chinese local power company

130. Role of metadata in the datawarehousing environment

131. Goals and the work processes of the users as a main point in user interface design

132. Architectural structure for information system intended to virtual organizations

133. Data warehouse maintenance: improving data warehouse perfomance through efficient maintenance

134. Modeling security requirements of target of evaluation and vulnerabilities in UML

135. The factors for designers of computerised information systems for small organisations

136. A study on adaptive real time video over LTE

137. Application development for touch-screen interfaces

138. Vehicle dynamics: optimization of Electronic Stability Program for sports cars

139. Enhancing usability for multi-touch devices

140. Multiplayer games and physics on multi-touch screen devices

141. Distributed applications: a journey to platform independency

142. Communication tools to build website traffic: cases from small B2C firms

143. Assessing the readiness for implementing e-CRM in B2B markets using AHP method

144. Feasibility study of application and implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) in hotel industry

145. The role of loyal consumers on grocery e-commerce adoption in Iran

146. Impact of information technology on productivity

147. To be a trustworthy website, do better in information privacy and security: customer’s attitude towards internet privacy and security in buying cosmetics products online

International Business IB Management Project Topics

1. A Report On International Business Operations of ONGC & OVL

2. A Report on Study Of International Marketing

3. Export Prospects Of Alcoholic Beverages To Russia,Ukraine and Uzbekistan


5. Liner Activities of Shagai Logistics

6. The Credit Crunch and its impact on the property market in the UK

7. International services and India

8. Internationalizing to the UK: a resource based perspective

9. Outward FDI and Trade Performance

10. Internationalization of banks: The consumer perspective

11. Internationalization process of Big Image Systems AB

12. Analysis of the Commercial Relations between Sweden and Latin America

13. Internationalisation of companies

14. The internationalisation process of the firm: a case study

15. Product Cycles for Sweden’s Export of Machinery goods

16. Supplier Relationship Management: Developments in Co-operative Initiatives

17. How to find an international business partner?

18. Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services

19. Strategies in Telecommunications Industry during Privatization Process towards Competition – The Case of Thailand

20. Sustainable IOC – Sustainable Society

21. The Impact of Inflation on Business and Trade: a case study of Ghana and Canada

22. The Driving Force of Swap Spreads

23. Essays in Trade and Development

24. Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets – The Case of Nigeria

25. Reward Systems and Strategy

26. The Pros and Cons of Business Intuition in Strategic Decision Making

27. Innovative ways to finance telecommunication in developing countries

28. Key Success Factors for Ericsson Mobile Platforms using Porter’s Value Chain model

29. Emerging Role of Teams in Multicultural Organizations

30. Growth factors of Service based internet commerce in South Asian markets

31. Foreign Direct Investment in cohesion to employment

32. The Culturally Intelligent Negotiator: The Impact of CQ on Intercultural Negotiation Effectiveness

33. Indian Business Ventures abroad

34. Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era

35. The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model

36. Imperatives, Challenges and Task Requirements of Becoming a Global Player: The Case of India

37. The global political economy of transnational corporations: a theory of asymmetric interdependence

38. The use of print ads for an international brand

39. Business Negotiations in the New China: same same but different

40. The impact of culture on business negotiations between Swedish and US businessmen: a case study of two Swedish businessmen

Human Resource HR Management Project Topics

1. A report on motivation

2. A report on recruitment and selection

3. A report on training effectiveness

4. A report on Conflict Management

5. A Study on Role of Recruitment and Selection

6. Performance appraisal at accenture

7. An overview of HR process & attrition analysis

8. Analysis of performance management at NDPL

9. A report on Bonus Act 1965

10. Business Communication – Effective Listening

11. Channel Development at MAX New York Life

12. A report on Competency Mapping

13. Developing a Time Investment Strategy

14. Employee Job satisfaction at XYZ

15. A project report on Employee Retention

16. employees family welfare in spinning mills

17. Employees Remuneration

18. Research project on Human resource outsourcing

19. HRM Training & Development

20. HRM in private sector banks

21. Human Resource Outsourcing

22. Report on Indian telecom industry-airtel

23. A Report on Employee turnover in IT industry

24. Job satisfaction and Conflict resolution MODES IN THE MINDA GROUP

25. Report on organizational communication

26. Analyzing Performance Appraisal System

27. Performance appraisal at L & T

28. Performance appraisal at TCS

29. Performance Management System of NTPC

30. Principle of Management – AIRTEL

31. Project Report on Cyber Crime

32. Public Relations in LIC

33. A Project Report On Quality of Work Life

34. quality of work life in dell and infosys

35. Quality of work life in maintaining work life balances at ACC

36. Report on recruitment and selection

37. An overview of HR process & attrition Analysis

38. Employee retention strategy

39. Recruitment process at ICICI prudential

40. Retention Strategies in BPO sector

41. Study on Absenteeism of Workers

42. Training and development

43. Training and Development- Indian Oil

44. Employee Relation and Employee Communication

45. Managerial myopia, CEO compensation structure and earnigns management by R&D cuts

46. Repatriates in Europe – A business perspective

47. Shared Team Leadership Project Report

48. Motivation to work: diffrences between managers and workers

49. Culture: A strategy for managing change

50. Researchers’ Motivational Preferences – From a Need Theory Perspective

51. Differential Effects of Institutional Socialization on Value Orientations in Naval Academy Midshipmen

52. Leadership in Foreign owned Subsidiaries

53. The Human Resource importance for learning and competence development within two organizations

54. Motivation and Work -Investigation and Analysis of Motivation Factors at Work

55. How to Introduce and Manage Organizational Changes

56. Human Resource Management in Project-Based Organisations: Challenges, Changes, and Capabilities

57. Rewarding and Recognizing Employees: How IT professionals in Sweden and in Finland are motivated and prefer to be rewarded

58. Executive Coaching as a Developmental Experience: A Framework and Measure of Coaching Dimensions

59. How to motivate assembly line workers

60. Managing Performance in Intermediate Care Services – A Balanced Scorecard Approach

61. Leadership styles and E-commerce adoption: An analysis of Thai food exporters

62. “Red Envelop” incentive measure for chinese employees

63. On-the-Job Training: The Case Study of Alfa Laval at the Ronneby Manufacturing Unit

64. Modern Human Capital Management

65. Line Managers Perception of Change at Ericsson

66. Employee Remuneration Project

67. Performance Appraisal System

68. Development of leadership capacities as a strategic factor for sustainability

69. Employees Resistance Towards Organizational Change

70. Total Quality Management and human resource department

71. Scooters India Ltd. : The Case of an Extraordinary Turnaround

72. Understanding State Goal Orientation: Leadership and Work-Group Climate as Key Antecedents

73. TMT Diversity, CEO Procedural Fairness, and TMT Conflict

74. The relationship between leader core self-evaluations, team feedback, leader efficacy, transformational leadership, team efficacy, team goals, team action and transition processes, and team performance

75. Performance tip-sharing: When, and how, do employees share their insights?


76. Internal Team Leadership: An Examination of Leadership Roles, Role Structure, and Member Outcomes

77. The Influence of Career Identity and Social Networks on Career Transition Magnitude

78. How do we get from there to here ? understanding the black box in strategic HRM research from resource- based and social exchange perspectives.

79. The Moderating Role of Industrial Experiences in the Job Satisfaction Intention to Leave Relationship : An Empirical Study among Salesmen in India

80. Reward systems in Russia: a study from a Swedish perspective

81. Empowerment in the consumer service sector: from the perspective of management and frontline personnel in the insurance industry

82. How coaches motivate teams

83. Employee motivation in medium-sized manufacturing enterprises: two case studies from northern Sweden

84. International human resource training in Swedish MNCs: three case studies

85. MNCs’ management of human resources in India: case studies of two Swedish companies